Nearshore and urban development

Nearshore site investigations and urban development

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    Need insights into the ground conditions at your project site? Drilling, testing, or installation work done? You’re in the right place. At Fugro, we provide nearshore site investigations for all types of shallow water environments up to 40 metres. Plus investigation planning, mapping, geophysical surveys, survey and rock testing, and more. With a vast array of marine plants and equipment at our disposal, no site is too complex for us to tackle. Our global team of experts works together with you to reduce subsurface risk for safe, efficient operations. On time and within budget.

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    Rod Eddies

    Industry lead - Nearshore and urban development

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    Fugro to develop digital innovations for ageing infrastructure under the National Growth Fund grant

    Fugro awarded National Growth Fund grant to develop digital innovations for ageing infrastructure

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    Reinventing land development with advanced sensor technologies

    Before committing to developing – or redeveloping – a piece of land, it is important to know exactly what lies beneath the surface. Modern investigation technologies accurately reveal hidden substructures in terms of lithology, hydraulics and contamination.


    China the innovation Powerhouse

    Discover the latest trends and developments in the geotechnical, survey, subsea and geoscience industries with Fugro's podcast series. In this episode, we delve into China's emergence as an innovation powerhouse. Tune in now to stay ahead of the game.

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    20 Mar 2022


    Characterization of Young Bay Mud at the Port of San Francisco

    22 Aug 2022


    Empirical and numerical study of the static lateral response of socketed pile in Dubai, UAE

    01 May 2022


    Evaluation of small-strain shear modulus of Fontainebleau sand based on innovative pressuremeter probe testing in a calibration chamber

    01 Jul 2022


    A Geotechnical Perspective on a Complex Geological Environment in a High-Speed Railway Tunnel Excavation (A Case Study from Türkiye)

    27 Oct 2022


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    Rod Eddies

    Industry lead - Nearshore and urban development

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