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    If you’re unfamiliar with the ground conditions at your project site, delivering the project safely and on time can be difficult. That’s why we offer thorough geotechnical site investigation services. Using advanced remote technologies, we tailor each approach to be site specific. That’s how we end up with the most suitable, safe, and sustainable solutions for you. With data and insights about the conditions at your site, you can effectively manage and reduce risks. Keeping your project on track and within budget.

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    Rod Eddies

    Global lead - Geotechnical ground investigations

    What is a ground investigation?

    A ground investigation is a process of examining the ground conditions of a site or area. It typically involves various techniques to gather information about the soil, rock, groundwater, and other geological features present in the area.

    Conducting a site investigation is essential for any construction project. This data assessment is then used to inform decisions about the project's design and construction plans.

    What are the stages of a ground investigation?

    First, we will review existing information about the site, such as geological maps, previous investigations, and historical records. Then we will visit the project site to observe surface conditions, access points, and any visible geological features.

    We then go through a process where our geotechnical engineers use a ground penetrating radar to gather subsurface information without conducting an intrusive ground investigation survey and gain insight into the physical properties of the land. We will also dig trial pits or drill boreholes to obtain soil investigations and rock samples for analysing the land.

    Samples collected from the construction site are sent to a laboratory to analyse their physical and chemical properties. This analysis includes determining the soil and rock type, strength, and contamination levels.

    We then work with the client to compile the findings into a comprehensive ground investigation report that summarises the ground conditions.

    What are the ground investigation techniques we offer?

    The ground investigation services we offer will be tailored to each site development project. The specific objectives of the site investigation will dictate the techniques we employ.

    Below is just some of what we offer:

    • Core sampling

    • laboratory testing

    • 3D ground modelling

    • Cone penetration tests

    • Mechanical drillings

    • Hand auger drillings

    • Alignment-specific deepwater, nearshore and onshore geotechnical investigations

    • Onshore geophysical surveys

    • Onshore paleoseismic investigations

    • geologic mapping

    How do I get an estimate for a ground investigation?

    Get in contact with one of our experts listed below. Before we can start the proposed development, we need to review the project requirements. We also need to look at the site location plan and the existing site plan. We will then work with you to examine the proposed development plan and planning conditions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project.

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    Case study

    Investigating London soil for the UK’s largest rail project

    HS2 is UK’s largest high-speed rail infrastructure project between London, the West Midlands and the north of England. One of the first parts of the project was to complete a multidisciplinary ground investigation along the line of the proposed route within central London.

    Case study

    Futuristic Paris landmark stands on geotechnical know-how

    The futuristic Tours Duo (Duo Towers in English), developed by Ivanhoé Cambridge, is a striking new landmark at the edge of the Paris Rive Gauche redevelopment in the capital’s 13th arrondissement. This ambitious development presented unique geotechnical challenges that required Fugro's expertise to overcome.

    Case study

    Advanced 3D ground model drives A9 Motorway widening designs

    The widening of the A9 motorway is complex due to the site’s challenging soil conditions. Following extensive geotechnical investigations, Fugro integrated, analysed, and delivered actionable Geo-data to inform the motorway widening design and facilitate scenario analysis.

    Case study

    Fugro’s nearshore investigations help Thames Tideway tunnel delivery

    Collecting ground engineering data along a busy tidal river for the construction of Europe’s biggest super sewer presented challenges of logistics and scale. The riverbed was geologically complex, so we were tasked with gathering and interpreting additional data to inform design.

    Case study

    The Shard from the ground up

    Fugro’s expertise has played a part in the construction of The Shard, London’s latest iconic landmark and, at 310 metres, Western Europe’s tallest building.

    Case study

    Real-Time Data keeps Ground Investigations Watertight at Silvertown Tunnel

    We were able to inform and derisk the design and construction phases of the project by completing complex ground investigations, reducing design and construction cost and optimising the overall construction schedule.

    Case study

    Reducing risk and costs of suspension bridge

    The Izmit Bay Bridge is a three kilometre-long suspension bridge that will span the boundary between the Anatolian and Eurasian plates. It is under construction at one of the world’s most seismically active locations - the source of two major earthquakes in 1999.

    Case study

    Superior data in UXO survey of important Paris site

    When the French Ministry of Defence identified a location for the new command centre for its army, one of the first requirements was an unexploded ordnance safety diagnosis. Historical studies of the site in Paris suggested the possibility of unexploded bombs following allied forces bombardments in 1943.

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