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Fugro Loadtest using Gaia.Monitoring to simultaneously report O-Cell foundation load test results
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    Would you like to make better, more informed decisions for your project? We assess the quality of designed solutions, optimise design, and lower residual risk. How? By doing research and in situ tests – all in a cost-effective way. We can help you deliver optimised design verification plan, achieve your engineering business objectives, and effectively manage your assets. Safely and sustainably.

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    Ronald Plugge

    Global lead - Verification of design

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    Case study

    Advanced 3D ground model drives A9 Motorway widening designs

    The widening of the A9 motorway is complex due to the site’s challenging soil conditions. Following extensive geotechnical investigations, Fugro integrated, analysed, and delivered actionable Geo-data to inform the motorway widening design and facilitate scenario analysis.

    Case study

    Investigating London soil for the UK’s largest rail project

    HS2 is UK’s largest high-speed rail infrastructure project between London, the West Midlands and the north of England. One of the first parts of the project was to complete a multidisciplinary ground investigation along the line of the proposed route within central London.

    Case study

    Futuristic Paris landmark stands on geotechnical know-how

    At 180 metres and 122 metres tall, the futuristic Duo Towers in Paris rise out of the busy urban landscape. They include over 100,000 m2 of mixed-use space and nine basement levels. A very ambitious project with unique geotechnical challenges for the feasibility assessment, ground evaluation, and foundation designs.

    Case study

    How our ‘Triple A’ approach reduces mining tunnel risk

    In Yorkshire lies the world’s largest high-grade polyhalite mine. Our expertise was needed to safely construct a mineral transport tunnel for the underground site. We were more than happy to dig in with our ‘Triple A’ approach: acquiring, analysing, and advising on the site’s Geo-data.

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    Geo-Risk Management Framework

    Our Geo-Risk Management Framework (GRMF) provides you with flexible solutions and value according to your business needs and requirements.

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