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Our view on infrastructure

With growth comes growing pains. That certainly goes for cities – they need proper infrastructure to support their growing populations. So much so, that by 2030, the world will have to invest around $90 trillion in sustainable infrastructure. Not just to support population growth, but economic growth in emerging markets and developing countries as well. And to renew existing infrastructures, making them more resilient to climate change. Fugro supports the development of sustainable infrastructure throughout every phase of the life cycle. When it comes to design and construction, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – sustainable infrastructure projects need a tailored approach. That’s how you get truly resilient structures. From end to end.

Leonard Sands

Leonard Sands

Global lead - Foundation design

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Accelerating the transition to data-driven asset management

Asset management strategies in critical infrastructure are numerous and varied but fundamental to them all is the identification of vulnerabilities before they pose a risk.


Exploring Urbanisation and Infrastructure in Growing Cities: A Fugro Podcast

Discover the latest insights on offshore wind and how it's becoming a global leader in this informative podcast. Join us as we explore the trends and technologies driving this exciting industry forward.


On track for a rail revolution

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Sense.Lidar® – enabling better decisions with better data

The world's landscape is changing fast, with urban expansion and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. To manage these changes effectively, government agencies and asset owners are increasingly demanding better geospatial data – because only by consulting accurate Geo-data can they prepare confidently for the future.

Technical papers

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01 Oct 2022

Geotechnical Integrated Approach to evaluate the karst hazard potentiality in the Qatar Coastal Eocene carbonate bedrocks

08 Dec 2022

Evaluation of the relationship between the collapsed mechanism and excavation method in tunnels excavated in schists

10 Jun 2022

A CPT-based method for monotonic loading of large diameter monopiles in sand

27 Oct 2022

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Leonard Sands

Leonard Sands

Global lead - Foundation design

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