Creating a safe and liveable world

We use the power of Geo-data to unlock the secrets of Earth

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Fugro Pegasus in Mirfa Port, Abu Dhabi
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    What we do

    Whatever you’re planning, building, or maintaining, we believe understanding the earth is key. At Fugro, we unlock its secrets in the form of Geo-data, which we apply to develop safer, more sustainable, and more efficient operations. It’s how we help create a safe and liveable world – together.

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    Project 'Faces of Fugro', for recruitment purposes.
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    Help create an impact on a global scale

    Careers at Fugro
    The German REO 26, early eighties
Images from Fugro 40 year anniversary book page 157

    Founded in 1962

    Our history

    Take a look how Fugro evolved over the years.

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