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    Our view on energy

    The demand for renewable energy is increasing. Then there’s the onset of electrification and improvements in energy storage. All key drivers of the energy transition, which aims to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions through decarbonisation. At Fugro, we support energy projects through every stage of the value chain. We help improve the efficiency of energy generation and minimise the impact on our environment. So everyone can access energy to power their homes and businesses.

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    Remmelt de Jong

    Industry lead - Energy

    Offshore wind farm, Arklow Bank, Southern Ireland.
Renewables Windfarm3

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    Looking ahead at the offshore wind operations and maintenance market

    We help clients predict their energy output at a certain moment in time and advise whether it’s more cost-effective for the turbines to be on or off.

    Business news

    Using carbon capture technology for the UK’s first flexible power station

    When complete, Keadby 3 could become the UK’s first flexible power station equipped with carbon capture technology. Every year, it could capture up to 1.5 million tonnes of carbon.


    Net Zero Vessels – Progress on Future Fuels

    In this episode: with vessel redesign and operational changes on the horizon, a green industry may not be too far in the future.

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    Accelerating the development of subsea remote and autonomous solutions with the National Robotarium

    Our partnership with the National Robotarium allows us to leverage our combined technical expertise to add value to our clients.

    Technical papers

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    01 Jan 2022


    Optimisation of Predictions for Driven Piles Performance in Carbonate Silts for Offshore Structures in the Arabian Gulf

    01 Jan 2022


    Towards Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Pile Driving Blow Counts

    01 Apr 2022


    Making crewless offshore surveys a reality

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    Headshots of experts for

    Remmelt de Jong

    Industry lead - Energy

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