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Imagery sensor operator in aeroplane during remote data acquisition
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The best decision is an informed decision. That’s why we deliver the power of Geo-data into your hands – so you’ll be equipped with expert insights and advice. How do we collect this data? Through mapping and surveying our built and natural environment, from the depths of the ocean all the way to space. Our capabilities include aerial mapping, satellite monitoring and mapping, geospatial GIS solutions and more. After collection, we transform the data into valuable information and solutions. So you can be sure your assets or infrastructure is designed, built, and operated safely and sustainably.

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Pooja Mahapatra

Global lead - Surveying and mapping

Key figures

square miles in North America

coverage of Sense.Lidar®

% lidar classification accuracy

% faster point cloud classification

than using traditional techniques

Implementing geodetic reference frame in Uganda

Case study

Establishing a National Geodetic Reference Frame in Uganda

We established an accurate national geodetic reference frame in Uganda, comprising 12 CORS and 426 geodetic markers.

Case study

Malleefowl mounds mapped using remote sensing technology

Mount Gibson Gold Project is approximately 280 km northeast of Perth, Australia. This region is home to Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata), an indigenous ground-dwelling bird listed as vulnerable.

Case study

Texas coastal Lidar: Mapping in full flow

After Hurricane Harvey, Fugro acquired nearly 10,000 square miles of high-resolution lidar elevation data over Houston, Texas, and the surrounding coast.

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Pooja Mahapatra

Global lead - Surveying and mapping

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Keith Owens

Regional lead Americas - Surveying and mapping

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Cristian Gordini

Regional lead Asia Pacific - Surveying and mapping

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Peter Menting

Regional lead Europe & Africa - Surveying and mapping

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Manoj Antony

Regional lead Middle East & India - Surveying and mapping

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