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Employee in the Belgium geotechnical laboratory
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Foundations support the rest of the infrastructure, so it’s important to pick and design the best one for your project site. When designing a foundation, you need to consider the ground and environmental conditions, as well as potential hazards or risks. That’s where we come in. We provide the data you need and offer advice on suitable foundation designs that will last a lifetime.

Leonard Sands

Leonard Sands

Global lead - Foundation design

Cross country train for ProRail making its way along the railway tracks with the surrounding areas as flat grassland fields in an isolated location. Railway appears to have been electrified in The Netherlands

Case study

Prorail ERTMS Project – Building a digital foundation

To verify and detect deviations in current track conditions and assist in the design, Fugro supplied an inventory of all above-ground relevant rail infrastructure and track geometry; building a digital foundation for work now and in the future.

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Leonard Sands

Leonard Sands

Global lead - Foundation design

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