Foundation design and testing

O-cell® (Osterberg Cell) bi-directional static load testing – simultaneously perform a full scale static loading test on two sections of the same foundation significantly reducing testing costs and improving safety by eliminating the need for kentledge, reaction piles and reaction beams. Test loads of 3MN to over 300 MN can be applied safely within the foundation element
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    Foundations support the rest of the infrastructure, so it’s important to pick and design the best one for your project site. When designing a foundation, you need to consider the ground and environmental conditions, as well as potential hazards or risks. That’s where we come in. We provide the data you need and offer advice on suitable foundation designs and testing that will last a lifetime.

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    Leonard Sands

    Global lead - Foundation design and testing



    World's largest international load test database

    We provide optimal load test programme and ultimately the most efficient deep foundation, helping you manage geotechnical risk


    World class technology

    Our Osterberg Cell® (O-Cell®) foundation testing provides accurate data, reducing project costs during and after construction


    Expert knowledge of soil interaction

    Providing our engineers with insights of how the foundations will perform


    A network of offices around the globe

    We can support your projects from different locations around the world

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    countries of world-class projects


    world record of ultra-high testing capacity piles set at the Dubai Creek Tower

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Land redevelopment - Environmental Services
Champlain bridge

    Case study

    Fast tracking the replacement of Canada's Champlain Bridge

    Montreal’s Samuel De Champlain Bridge is one of North America’s busiest crossings and a crucial corridor for Canada’s economy. The new 3.4-kilometer-long bridge replaced the previous 57-year-old one, which had become functionally obsolete.

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    J Sumputh

    Joyshwin Sumputh

    Regional lead Americas - Foundation design and testing

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    Soumendra Ganguly

    Regional lead Middle East & India - Foundation design and testing

    Glen Mariano Regional lead Asia Pacific - Foundation design and testing

    Glen Mariano

    Regional lead Asia Pacific - Foundation design and testing


    Maarten Profittlich

    Regional lead Europe & Africa - Foundation design

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    Reducing ground uncertainty with the

    Geo-Risk Management Framework

    Our Geo-Risk Management Framework (GRMF) provides you with flexible solutions and value according to your business needs and requirements.

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