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Deformation surveys at the dismantling of the Nelson Mandelabridge over the highway A12 at the Netherlands. This bridge had some serious damage in the construction. The bridge is replaced with another temporary bridge. During this operation Fugro Surveyors carry out deformation surveys of the existing pillars.
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Find anomalies before they become defects and extend the lifespan of your assets. That’s what our infrastructure and asset monitoring solutions and services do. How? By connecting your structural model to the physical world with sensors and remote sensing techniques. Transforming this 3D digital twin into a 4D system by adding an extra dimension: time. In our hands, sensor data are turned into actionable insights. And with our in-house R&D capabilities, we provide innovative sensing techniques that make for custom system development and installation. Compared to more traditional approaches like inspection, you’ll get more efficient and scalable data collection and interpretation. Plus you’ll be in full control of your asset condition, with a better understanding of how it behaves. Throughout its life cycle.

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Koen Hiemstra

Global lead - Structural health monitoring infrastructure

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Ensuring Dutch marl quarries are safe for the public

The Valkenburg Marl Quarries in the Netherlands attract around 300,000 visitors a year. With so many visitors, the safety and structural stability of the quarries and cave structure, which spans over 100 acres, are paramount. We designed and installed a highly sensitive fibre-optic monitoring system to monitor rock mechanics and structural stability

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Koen Hiemstra

Global lead - Structural health monitoring infrastructure

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Matthew Connelly-Taylor

Regional lead Americas - Structural health monitoring infrastructure focus

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Brad Dalton

Regional lead Asia Pacific - Structural health monitoring infrastructure focus

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Manoj Antony

Regional lead Middle East & India - Structural health monitoring infrastructure focus

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