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Coastal resilience

Nearly half the world’s population lives along or near coastal zones. These natural environments provide coastal communities with protection from extreme weather events, vital resources from aquaculture and supports biodiversity. Climate change and sea level rise pose significant risks to coastal zones, such as increased erosion, flooding and storms. These risks can have a significant impact on local communities, infrastructure and natural capital. Fugro has the capabilities to identify and provide insights into these risks across our land, coastal and marine environments to help build coastal resilience.

We measure and monitor potential coastal risks and their impact on coastal zones over time by collecting and unlocking insights from Geo-data. The insights help adapt vulnerable local communities, infrastructure and nature to prepare, protect, prevent and reduce the consequences of any natural disasters and mitigate risks.

Our capabilities are delivered through four key principles, including:

  • Using geo and hydro spatial solutions to acquire and deliver accurate insights to understand the spatial environment and identify risk,
  • Applying hydro metrological risk analysis to determine hydro and atmospheric risks and help plan for change,
  • Detect and monitor changing behaviour and the impact of hydro metrological hazards for early insights into when and where to act,
  • Implementing a tailored geo-risk management framework to reduce design uncertainty and support the management of sustainable infrastructure.

Coastal resilience infographic

Fugro’s approach to building coastal resilience

By combining our unique capabilities to acquire and analyse high resolution Geo-data, our data delivery and engagement solution provides an integrated digital ecosystem that visualises critical changing physical risks and its impact across our coastal zones. The digital solution represents the ever-changing real-world environment around us through delivering integrated 3D and 4D atmospheric, spatial and ground data. It has the flexibility to adapt data streams in the digital environment to help you understand potential risks and detect changes over time for a specific area. This provides you with easy and intuitive access to accurate and reliable visualisations with actionable insights on coastal risks.

Our Geo-data solutions support the continuous adaption of our coastal communities, defence of coastal infrastructure and the preservation of natural capital through the following applications:

  • Shoreline master planning
  • Hydro metrological early warning and response
  • Adaption of coastlines
  • Adaption of existing infrastructure
  • Preservation of natural coastal capital 
  • Insights without boundaries: integrating 3D and 4D spatial, atmospheric and ground Geo-data acquired across our coastal environments anywhere in the world
  • Visualising the real world: reliable insights derived from accurate and high-resolution multi-discipline Geo-data
  • Reduce impact through informed decision-making: real-time access to needs-based insights derived by advanced analytics
  • Effective response and adaptation:  advanced insights on how the ground and environment will respond to the forces of change that impact our coastal environments and communities

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