Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoy
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Strong winds? Large waves? Learning how the metocean conditions affects your assets makes for better planning and decision making. We provide in-depth understanding of the wind resources and ocean conditions at your project site.

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Daniel Smith

Global lead - Metocean

Site-specific insights

Get a full overview with highly accurate data and site-specific expert insights. Captured using only the most advanced meteorological and oceanographic technology.

Work in any conditions

With knowledge comes the ability to work in adverse conditions and harsh environments. This makes for more efficient operations and timely project delivery.

In the cloud

With our cloud-based platform, your offshore crews, onshore teams, and field vessels can all access the same, single information source. Easy, efficient, and fast.

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Case study

The world's largest offshore wind farm

Fugro was involved at all stages of the development of a flagship renewable energy project which was officially inaugurated in July 2013.

Case study

Ensuring the first offshore wind farm in the US is structurally sound

Block Island Wind Farm is the first offshore wind farm in the US. As such, it played a vital, pioneering role in showing the economic feasibility of renewable offshore energy. Our pile-drivability analysis and monitoring activities helped ensure its long-term success.

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Fugro, Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoy, Offshore Wind
Seawatch Buoy waiting to be deployed

SEAWATCH® Wind Lidar Buoy

The world's first Carbon Trust Stage 3 rated wind assessment platform providing metocean data synchronised and accessible in near real-time

SEAWATCH® Wind Lidar Buoy

The SEAWATCH® Wind Lidar Buoy is a multipurpose buoy designed to accurately measure wind, wave and current profiles for wind resource assessments and engineering design criteria. 

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05 Jul 2019


A Comprehensive 3-D Hydrodynamic Model in Arabian Gulf

A Methodology to Characterize Internal Solitons in the Ocean

A Novel Approach to Generating a Hurricane Database for the Gulf of Mexico Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Models

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Daniel Smith

Global lead - Metocean

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Jorn Erik Norangshol

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Regional lead Middle East & India - Metocean

Weather forecasters in the Wallingford office.

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