Safeguarding coastlines and ocean health

Ocean science and coastal resilience

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    Our oceans hold the key to an equitable and sustainable planet. However, climate change poses a big threat to oceans and coastlines and any sustainable development goals. We need to protect marine life and their coastal habitats. This will bring long-term benefits to our coastal areas. At Fugro, we help understand the changes and risks across our land, coastal, and marine environments. So we can help protect them, reduce risks for sustainable development and protect our coastal waters. Together with you, we tailor a solution that meets the quality, sustainability, schedule, and cost requirements of your project. In doing so, we gain a deeper understanding of the ocean, so we can build resilient coastal communities and safeguard our ocean health.

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    Rod Eddies

    Industry lead - Nearshore and urban development

    What is coastal resilience?

    Coastal resilience means that coastal ecosystems can reduce the impact of climate change with nature based solutions. They do this by using natural solutions to protect against these impacts. This helps them adapt and survive in the face of changing environmental conditions. Coastal resilience is important for the long-term health and sustainability of coastal areas.

    Coastal resilience helps communities bounce back faster after disasters like hurricanes, storms, and flooding. It focuses on recovery rather than just reacting to the damage.

    Why Coastal Resilience Matters

    Coastal communities face many risks from climate change. These risks include higher sea levels, flooding, stronger storms, and erosion.

    Investing in coastal resilience solutions protects infrastructure and habitats. It also ensures the well-being of the millions of people living in these coastal communities.

    Green infrastructure for coastal resilience is important for safeguarding communities from the impacts of natural disasters such as reducing coastal flood risk. It is important to make sure that coastal areas are resilient to sustain them in the long term. This also helps to improve flood resilience in areas that are at risk. Coastal resilience is crucial for the sustainability of coastal regions and for protecting vulnerable areas from coastal flooding.

    Fugro's plan to improve coastal resilience involves advanced ocean science and technology. They analyse geographic data to create sustainable solutions for coastal development.

    This strategy aims to enhance the ability of coastal areas to withstand and recover from natural disasters. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and expertise, Fugro helps communities adapt to changing environmental conditions. We combine advanced data collection methods with sophisticated analysis to provide actionable insights for resilient coastal management strategies.

    How we protect our oceans with sustainable projects

    We prioritise protecting our oceans through sustainable projects that promote coastal resilience solutions and ecosystem health.

    We employ advanced monitoring systems to continuously assess geographic information, including shoreline changes, sediment transport, and sea level rise. By understanding these dynamics, we can identify areas of vulnerability and implement targeted interventions to protect the risk of coastal ecosystems.

    Fugro is committed to protecting our oceans through sustainable projects that prioritise green infrastructure for coastal resilience, ecosystem health, and long-term sustainability. Our approach involves utilising cutting-edge technology, engineering expertise and working closely with partners in the industry. Together, we are working towards a future where our oceans are healthy and abundant.

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    Fugro’s LiDAR geo-data supports OPW’s Irish coastal resilience strategies

    Fugro's LiDAR geo-data aids OPW in developing Irish coastal resilience strategies


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    Safe and Resilient Coasts Require Geo-data

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    Rod Eddies

    Industry lead - Nearshore and urban development

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