Flood risk mapping and flood defence

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    Extreme weather, rising water levels and climate change means flood risk reduction is becoming increasingly important. That’s where we come in with our comprehensive flood management services. Our expertise spans various crucial aspects of coastal flood protection, ensuring robust and reliable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each region. Using state of the art investigation techniques, we map river and delta regions that are under pressure due to climate change and urbanisation. Flood mapping is a vital tool in identifying vulnerable areas and developing strategies to mitigate potential flood damage. Our advanced technologies and methodologies allow us to provide precise flood risk assessments, enabling regional water authorities to plan and implement effective water defence and flood control measures. We help communities build resilience against future flood events. We also measure and monitor potential coastal risks and their impact on coastal zones over time. We provide advice on flood mitigation, drainage and infiltration systems. With the insights unlocked from Geo-data, we can help vulnerable communities, infrastructure, and nature adapt.

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    What is flood risk mapping?

    Flood risk mapping is the process of identifying and illustrating areas that are susceptible to flooding. It involves a range of strategies and practices aimed at reducing the risk and impact of floods on coastal communities, infrastructure, and the environment. It involves both proactive measures to prevent flooding and reactive measures to mitigate damage when floods occur.

    What tools do we use for flood management?

    We offer a wide range of flood management tools to reduce flood risk and the impact of floods in. Our innovative flooded member detection systems are designed to swiftly identify and address compromised structures in levee systems, sea walls and other flood barriers. This ensures timely repairs and enhancements, maintaining the integrity of these critical defences during high spring tides and storm surges.

    Our solutions are engineered to reduce flooding and the associated risks, safeguarding lives, properties, and ecosystems from hazardous substances carried by flood water.

    With a strong presence in flood-prone regions like the North Sea, we collaborate closely with regional water authorities to develop bespoke flood mitigation strategies. Our deep understanding of local challenges, combined with our global experience, positions us as a trusted partner in flood risk management.

    We are continuously advancing our techniques to provide long-term solutions. Whether it’s through constructing robust flood barriers or enhancing existing flood defences and flood risk mapping. Our aim is to offer enduring protection and peace of mind for coastal communities.

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    Case study

    Sustainable dike design ideas prove their worth against floods

    In the Dutch province of Limburg, we helped develop and implement two cutting-edge, sustainable dike designs. The idea: construct the dikes using the area’s own materials, carefully integrating them in the landscape. However, the soil did not meet the standard requirements for dike clay.

    Case study

    365 kilometres of levees, locks, and sluices: a safety assessment

    The Dutch have always been pioneers in hydraulic and geotechnical engineering. After the devastating North Sea flood in 1953, flood defence became a pillar of Dutch innovation. So when the Dutch regional water authority needed to determine the strength of its primary levee system, they appointed a Dutch company to conduct levee safety assessments – Fugro.

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