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3S Together safety programme

We've developed our 3S Together safety programme in close collaboration with safety culture experts. This programme expands on our group-wide 'Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe' approach at the basis of our Global HSSE Management System Standard.

Safety behaviours

Many health and safety incidents involve people’s behaviour. The choices we make, what we do, don’t do, and our own attitude when it comes to safety could all lead to incidents. And maybe even harm. The 3S Together programme is designed to familiarise Fugro employees with safety behaviours. Think of it as a simple, effective toolkit that will help us all work safely.

The 3S Together programme aims to:

  • Reinforce the importance of taking personal ownership of safety

  • Encourage leaders to actively engage with their teams in safety

  • Stimulate positive safety conversations about our safety rules, policies, procedures, and instructions

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The 3S Together Safety Programme logo and 3S Behaviours

The Life-Saving Rules

At Fugro, we've adopted the widely used Life-Saving Rules. Here's what they highlight:

  • Which activities are most likely to lead to a fatality

  • The life-saving actions individuals can take

  • The basic, everyday things people can do to protect themselves and their colleagues from serious incidents

The Life-Saving rules are clear, simple, and will help keep us safe. That's why they're mandatory and apply to everyone at Fugro. From those who plan and organise work to those who supervise and carry it out. This includes contractors.

Note: these rules don't replace our management systems, policies, safety training programmes, operating procedures, or work instructions.

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The 9 Life-Saving Rules are clear and simple rules to prevent serious – potentially fatal - injuries from happening in the workplace.

The Life-Saving Rules

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Good governance

We’re committed to integrity, transparency, accountability, and proper supervision.

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