Health, safety, security and environment

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Together we create a safe and liveable world

At Fugro, we're committed to providing all our people with a healthy, safe, and secure workplace. At every location, and always in accordance with applicable laws.

Health, safety, security, environment (HSSE)

We believe that incidents are preventable. That's why we identify any health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) risks that come with our activities. Then, we work to reduce these risks as much as we can. 

We've integrated HSSE responsibilities into our business practice. What's more, successfully managing HSSE issues is an essential part of our business strategy.

Management and HSSE

The Fugro management team is responsible for:

  • Promoting the continued safety education and training for all employees

  • Assigning responsibility for all aspects of our HSSE Policy

  • Making sure all incidents are thoroughly evaluated so we can learn from them

  • Determining where we can improve

  • Managing HSSE

We feel it's very important to implement standards and practices that either eliminate our risk exposure or control it as much as possible. Across all activities. That's why we've developed a common approach to managing HSSE. This approach requires all our country organisations and business units to meet the same standards of practice. 

To help manage risk and improve our HSSE performance, we centrally develop the following: 

  • Policies

  • Strategies

  • Standards

  • Leading and lagging performance indicators and targets

Employees working the geotechnical laboratory in Belgium

Performance assessment and monitoring

Performance assessment is a key step in our HSSE management process. It's also the basis of our continuous efforts to improve.

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Good governance

We’re committed to integrity, transparency, accountability, and proper supervision.

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