Weather forecasting service

Our prepayment weather forecast service provides accurate and up-to-date onshore and offshore weather forecasts in a quick and clear format.

Features of the weather forecast service

  • Tokens are bought in batches and remain valid for one year

  • Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Simple to use

Delivery method and required tokens

  • Telephone Forecast = 1 Token (5 minute phone call)

  • Standard Email Forecast = 3 Tokens (two hour response for site specific forecast)

  • Premium Email Forecast = 4 Tokens (one-hour response for site specific forecast)

Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions land weather forecasting

Purchase Weather Forecast Tokens

6 Tokens


12 Tokens


24 Tokens


50 Tokens


100 Tokens


Site investigation (CPT and drilling) and monitoring
Performing CPT, drilling and monitoring of the Grimburgwal canal in Amsterdam

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