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In the ever-demanding offshore sector, asset construction is crucial. Because only when they’re properly constructed can assets work efficiently. And for construction at sea, positioning is a key parameter. With our construction surveys, project management, and positioning skills, we help eliminate the need for redesign during installation. Using the most stable equipment and software applications to accurately position and carefully construct your assets.

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Patrick Michielsen

Global lead Positioning & construction support


01 Scalable planning

Our support facilitates scalable operational planning – flexible, robust, and cost-efficient.

02 Less hazard exposure

We help you help your people. Together, we make sure your construction workers stay within HSSE exposure limits.

03 Save time

With our expert support, you’ll save time. Not just installation time, but operational time as well.

04 Reduce risk

Our specialist advice helps you reduce risk. During every step of the construction process.


Case study

Fugro tech saves Shell precious time

For about two years, Shell was drilling in the oil and gas field in the UK North Sea. To do so, they used a remotely operated vehicle. In came Furgo – with our QuickVision® remote-sensing technology, we enabled real-time conductor well setting from that remotely operated vehicle. This saved Shell an impressive 10 rig days.

Case study

Custom software for offshore installation

For the prestigious Beatrice offshore wind farm project, we created custom-built, real-time decision support survey software. This software interfaces all survey sensors on a subsea pile installation frame. This way, our client is able to install crucial pre-piles within existing tolerances. The result: highly efficient jacket installations in less time. And at lower costs.

Case study

Replacing a power cable among strong currents

The Pentland Firth is well known for the strength of its currents, which are among the fastest in the world. At the bottom of this strait lies a 37 km long power cable. When it needed replacing, there was a real concern that the currents would lead to remotely-operated vehicle downtime – and costly delays. Enter Fugro. To maximise uptime, we were tasked with touchdown monitoring and as-laid surveys. Our solution? A tracked skid system.

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Headshots of experts for Fugro.com

Patrick Michielsen

Global lead Positioning & construction support

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