Fugro in the 1990s


Acquisition of John E. Chance & Associates

Fugro recognises the potential added value in positioning via a system that can calculate and apply corrections for greater accuracy, and so acquires John E. Chance & Associates. Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, this company is very active in precision measurements and offshore positioning, and so complements Fugro’s existing capabilities.

‘deep tow’ system with which the seabed is being charted

John E. Chance ‘Deep tow’ system



This year sees the first listing of Fugro-McClelland share certificates on the Amsterdam Stock Market.


Fugro is constituted of five divisions

Fugro is constituted of five divisions, 70 operational companies and 160 Fugro offices whose 2,800 employees worldwide generate a turnover of EUR 220 million.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Fugro completes in record time a large geotechnical investigation for Chek Lap Kok, a new airport to be constructed offshore.

Performing CPTs near Hong Kong with the Wheeldrive

Performing CPTs near Hong Kong with the Wheeldrive


Growth of satellite positioning services

There is increasing demand in the mid 1990s for receiving equipment for positioning which benefitted the new Fugro division in this field, with Fugro’s Starfix® and OmniSTAR satellite positioning systems achieving virtually worldwide cover.

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Our commitment to sustainability

For Fugro, sustainable business means that we continuously rethink what we do and how we do it

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