Fugro in the 2000s


The foundations of the World Wide Web

Fugro receives an order for the first phase of a seabed survey for a worldwide glass fibre cable network.


Extended capabilities through acquisition

Fugro acquires Jason Information Services (world market leader in quantitative investigation into oil and gas supplies) and Robertson Research. They join forces with Fugro’s seismic activities and airborne survey to create a third division alongside Geotechnics and Survey.

The new Geoscience division is expected to generate around a quarter of the total group turnover, while also increasing operational cashflow and profit margin.

Record-breaking contract

Fugro secures the largest ever airborne geophysical survey contract. The task is to collect 1.8 million linear km of magnetic data in Saudi Arabia.

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Rapid acquisition of airborne survey globally


Thales Geosolutions acquisition strengthens offshore survey position

With 1,700 employees in 30 branches turning over EUR 240 million a year, Thales Geosolutions is Fugro’s largest acquisition yet. As well as strengthening Fugro’s position in offshore survey, this move adds new activities including the development of ROVs and deepwater diving operations in Brazil.


Autonomous underwater vehicles

Fugro has been involved in the development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in collaboration with Oceaneering and Boeing since the beginning of the decade. In 2003 the AUV was brought into use for geophysical surveys to water depths of over 3,000 metres.

AUV (Autonomous Operated Vehicle) Hugin 3000

AUV completing a geophysical survey


Gert-Jan Kramer steps down as CEO

Gert-Jan Kramer steps down as CEO. He has managed Fugro for 23 years and transformed the company.


Modernising and expanding the fleet

Vessels play an important role in the activities Fugro carries out for clients. In anticipation of growing client demand for ultra-modern equipment, we embark on a 3-year programme to modernise and expand our fleet, including purchasing five seismic vessels and five multipurpose vessels. Fugro’s fleet at this point comprises around 45 vessels, some owned and some chartered by Fugro.

Fugro Academy opens its doors

Fugro Academy creates and delivers worldwide training for Fugro employees to support their work at Fugro. It aims to establish a consistent training approach and global standards of competence for the workforce. As well as specialised technical programmes, local and regional courses are available on topics including leadership, project management and general management.

Fugro FTV Xplorer - one of the dedicated training vessels, used for hands-on training of Fugro staff in various offshore and maritime disciplines.

One of the dedicated training vessels used for hands-on training of Fugro staff in various offshore and maritime disciplines


Two prestigious business awards

HRH Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands presents Fugro with the King Willem I Prize, a national award recognising companies that excel in courage, initiative, perseverance and innovation. Fugro also receives the Henri Sijthoff Prize from Het Financieele Dagblad, the Dutch financial daily newspaper, for the quality of our financial reporting.

King Willem 1 Award

King Willem I Prize, awarded to Fugro in 2008

Multiple acquisitions

Fugro continues to acquire companies from all over the world to obtain more state-of-the-art technology and increase market share:

  • Geotechnical division – brings seven new companies onboard, specialising in earthquake hazard assessment, road and pavement management, and water management

  • Survey division – acquires five companies with activities including pipeline inspection and satellite mapping techniques

  • Geoscience division – buys six companies with expertise in electromagnetic exploration, data storage, geochemical analyses, gravimetric surveying and the digital reconstruction of seismic data.

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Our commitment to sustainability

For Fugro, sustainable business means that we continuously rethink what we do and how we do it

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