Fugro in the 1980s


New leadership

Outgoing CEO Kees Joustra hands over the reins to civil engineering expert Gert-Jan Kramer, who introduces new financial reporting systems to the various operating companies, beginning a long journey of transformation for the company.


Fugro takes over McClelland

In October, McClelland and Fugro merge into Fugro-McClelland. A problem comes to light with McClelland’s share-holding employees; once resolved, it transpires that Fugro now owns 66% of the shares, so the merger is in fact a takeover. Fugro becomes the world’s largest engineering consortium in geotechnics and owns 85% of the geotechnical offshore market.

Gert-Jan Kramer and Bramlette McClelland
Images from Fugro 40 year anniversary book page 201

Gert-Jan Kramer and Bramlette McClelland

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Our commitment to sustainability

For Fugro, sustainable business means that we continuously rethink what we do and how we do it

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