Offshore weather forecasting services

Reliable weather forecast information enables efficient day-to-day planning and informed decision-making for offshore and onshore operations. Planning weather sensitive operations in advance or reacting to any expected change in weather conditions ensures safer, more efficient operations and the potential for enormous cost savings. Our weather forecasting services include an initial consultation for project planning and extend to real-time forecasts with delivery methods that suit your requirements and operations.

We make use of a wide range of information in the production of our forecasts. Global forecast data is sourced from the UK Meteorological Office and the GFS model, as well as the globally available data from NCEP and the US Navy. In addition, regional proprietary nested models are integrated into forecasts for many locations around the world.

These models utilise the well-established WWIII wave model, the shallow water SWAN model for coastal areas and the WRF model winds forcing the waves to provide highly accurate data for processing by our forecasters.

Our weather service offers:

  • Highly accurate weather forecasts for the world's oceans
  • 5-day ahead, site-specific onshore and offshore weather forecasts
  • Extended 16-day ahead forecast
  • Long-term probability forecasts providing weather trends for planning purposes
  • Additional parameters and graphics provided to suit the specific operational requirements
  • Forecasts delivered via email and secure web services
  • Offices operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Consultation with experienced forecasters 24 hours a day for forecast queries or more detailed interpretation of site-specific weather patterns and subsequent sea conditions.

Offshore Weather Forecasting Services

We offer a complete marine weather forecast service tailored for operations in the offshore environment.  

Advance knowledge of the wind and wave conditions leads to safer, more efficient offshore operations, and potentially enormous cost savings for exploration drilling rigs, FPSOs, seismic and survey vessels, pipe-lay and construction barges, cable installation and repair vessels.

Weather forecasts include a general synopsis and any warnings (gale, hurricane, etc.); a summary of the wind, seas, swell, existing weather and forecast weather; and an outlook for the appropriate period for wind, sea and swell supported by graphics and meteorological maps for the forecast area.

  • Site Specific Forecasts – We provide complete site specific forecasts once or twice-daily, three day (72 hours), four day (96 hours) or five day (120 hours) ahead to support offshore operations and ports and harbours
  • Squall Warning Service – We have developed a Squall Warning Service for exploration drilling, installation operations, dredging operations and FPSO tanker operations, utilising colour enhanced satellite data and doppler radar
  • Route Forecasts – The towage of large structures during offshore construction and development requires accurate metocean forecasts to reduce the risk of damage and to enable the safe transportation of the structure along the tow
  • Ensemble and Probability Weather Forecasts – As a long-term planning tool, we provide graphs which express the level of uncertainty in a wind and wave forecast to identify potential periods of operability according to your criteria
  • Onsite Weather Forecaster – Our onsite meteorologists prepare forecasts, monitor the associated weather conditions and provide onsite consultation to support operation planning
  • Weather Down-time Assessments – We can incorporate your operational limits and criteria into the forecast and create a colour coded matrix, with clearly identifiable weather windows
  • Tropical Cyclone Warnings – If your operation site is under the threat of a tropical revolving storm, we will automatically issue up-to-date warning bulletins

Building and Construction Weather Forecasting

Reliable and accurate forecast information is required during construction projects to help with project planning, reduce project downtime, provide accurate scheduling of project operations and improve site safety.

Our experienced forecasters prepare accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand weather forecasts tailored to your construction site, allowing more efficient allocation of resources, and therefore saving time and money on your construction projects.

For accurate scheduling of construction operations, Fugro provides accurate 1-5 day weather forecasts of meteorological variables such as rain, temperature and frost, which often affect construction projects on a day-to-day basis.

Consultancy Forecast

We supply instant up-to-date weather forecasts onshore for any global location for up to ten days ahead. You can speak to the forecaster directly to get the latest information or to discuss your specific requirements.

This service is ideal for film and advertising companies, event organisers, cruise liners, search and rescue or anyone who requires an accurate and up-to-date forecast, quickly.

Insurance Weather Forecasting

To mitigate or support insurance and legal claims relating to work lost as a result of adverse weather conditions, we supply archived meteorological data or hindcasts (past weather reports) for specified locations, for the course of a project or a specified day.

We offer tailored weather forecast services that meet your requirements, utilising the most up to date technologies to provide highly accurate forecasts, ensuring operations are planned and completed safely and efficiently.

  • Improved operational planning
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Fleet management for weather services
  • Cost savings from operation downtime
  • Improved operational safety
  • 24 / 7 access to duty forecaster 365 days a year

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