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NorthStar Helideck Monitoring system provides accurate information on helideck motion and prevailing weather for safe and secure take-off and landing of helicopters on offshore assets. The system acquires information on meteorological conditions, vessel position and motions in real time to support effective flight planning and manage helicopter operations safely, effectively and compliant to international regulations.

Offshore flight safety

Offshore assets operate in remote locations and harsh environments. Landing on a static helideck is already challenging but landing on an offshore floating structure requires even more skill and detailed planning. The most critical parameters that affect operations are the relative horizontal and vertical movements of the helideck and the meteorological conditions influencing flight stability. Data on these parameters must be acquired, analysed and reported in real time to achieve safe take-offs and landings. Offshore safety regulations also require the data to be presented in a standardised and clear way that enables pilots to make prompt decisions. Fugro’s NorthStar Helideck Monitoring System ensures timely delivery of the insights you need to make informed decisions during critical weather situations.

After landing, challenges remain as the helideck needs to be continuously monitored for motion and wind to avoid the helicopter dangerously tipping or sliding off. Our Helideck Monitoring System continuously monitors the metocean data to ensure secure integrity of the helideck and helicopter assets.

System engineered by metocean experts

Our Helideck Monitoring System contains a range of sensors which analyse and report on key meteorological and motion parameters. The sensors are positioned at critical locations on the helideck and transmit data, which is processed using industry-standard algorithms. The information is both locally and remotely accessible to support weather-critical aviation and marine operations. The system complies to standard regulations, and reporting needs, features and alarm settings are tailored to your specific requirements. Cloud access allows remote diagnostics and software upgrades, ensuring maximum operational availability of the helideck. The system can be upgraded to a full NorthStar Environment Monitoring System, which incorporates wave, current and weather forecast data, to better manage marine operations. The Helideck Monitoring System sensors acquire high quality and accurate data in all sea conditions, so you can access the data you need whenever, wherever.

Providing reliable and accurate insights on helideck motions and weather conditions, NorthStar Helideck Monitoring System provides you with the data you need to safely manage helideck operations offshore.

NorthStar Helideck Monitoring System can be used in combination with additional NorthStar services for enhanced floating production system integrity monitoring.

  • Increased operational efficiency as timely information improves pre-flight planning to avoid unsafe or aborted trips
  • Improved safety enabled with a single source of real-time data for offshore personnel, onshore support teams and helicopter contractors
  • Maximised helideck uptime achieved by a system that fully complies with key global aviation regulatory guidelines and audit requirements
  • Optimised reuse of existing onboard instrumentation for a cost-effective and retrofit-friendly solution
  • Efficient deployment of the monitoring system on the asset in the shipyard or offshore

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