What we do at Fugro

The more you know, the smaller the risk

Site investigation (CPT and drilling) and monitoring
Performing CPT, drilling and monitoring of the Grimburgwal canal in Amsterdam

We know a thing or two about Earth. Using the power of Geo-data, we take away uncertainties and decrease risks. Whether you’re building an offshore wind farm or a power line grid.

What that looks like? Establishing site and route characteristics. Mapping the Earth’s surface and subsurface. And determining soil composition, characteristics, and properties. To name a few examples.

We can help you by:

  • conducting technical studies, surveys, and investigations

  • conducting geographical surveys and investigations

  • mapping the (sub)surface of Earth

We create solutions throughout the life cycles of:

From raw data to practical advice

We help you determine the best way to use a site to safely, sustainably, and efficiently design and build. How? By collecting data and transforming it into practical advice.

With us on board, you’re empowered to make informed decisions, cut construction costs, and reduce installation and operational risks. No matter how technically demanding your project is.

Support before, during, and after

We support construction projects with pin-point positioning, monitoring, and visualisation services. Once your asset is operational, we help with its management programme for optimal reliability, longevity, and utilisation. And because we’re scanning, monitoring, and analysing the structural integrity non-stop, we’ll continuously support you to comply with regulatory requirements. It’s also how we catch vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Helping you deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Need help with energy transition? Aiming for net zero carbon emissions? Developing safe, sustainable infrastructure? We’re here to help you overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. It’s also how we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Fugro has officially opened the Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex, better known as SpAARC. SpAARC is Fugro’s largest remote operations centre to date and will manage robotics and other harsh-environment remote operations in Australia, around the world and in space. It builds on Fugro’s advanced remote operations expertise and is set to improve Australian space missions by creating a scalable and accessible industry operating standard. SpAARC will also facilitate complex missions for Australian industries and researchers, including the remote operation of autonomous and robotic systems in space.


Our path to profitable growth

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