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    No power cables, no power transmission. But how do you protect your offshore wind farm’s cables? And make sure they work properly? One way is to select the right route and design. That’s where Fugro comes in. We carry out cable route surveys to capture all the information and data you need to find the best cable routes and suitable design for your site. For minimal environmental impact and maximum power generation. Within budget and on schedule.

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    Sophie van Zanten

    Global lead - Power cable routing and design services



    Better reliability

    With the right routing and design, your power cables will not only operate better, but you’ll extend their lifetimes.


    Stay on track

    Good routing and design mean less unforeseen hurdles along the way. You’ll stay on track – and on time.


    Early insights

    The earlier the better. That certainly goes for project planning. It’s why we deliver reliable data and expert insights early.


    Reduce risk

    Well-routed and -designed power cables come with way less installation risk.

    Fugro’s SEACALF continuous drive system for CPTs onboard the MV Conti during the site investigation

    Case study

    Site characterisation for a wind farm on rocky ground

    Connecticut and Rhode Island have ambitious clean energy targets. To help meet them, an offshore wind farm is being developed – in a 500m2 area riddled with boulders. Challenging indeed. That’s why we were flown in: to characterise the site and optimise the design and positioning of the wind turbines and other infrastructure.

    Case study

    Replacing a power cable among strong currents

    The Pentland Firth is well known for the strength of its currents, which are among the fastest in the world. At the bottom of this strait lies a 37 km long power cable. When it needed replacing, there was a real concern that the currents would lead to remotely-operated vehicle downtime – and costly delays. Enter Fugro. To maximise uptime, we were tasked with touchdown monitoring and as-laid surveys. Our solution? A tracked skid system.

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    Andrew Cooper

    Regional lead Americas - Power cable routing and design services

    Headshots of experts for Fugro.com

    Sophie van Zanten

    Regional lead Europe & Africa - Power cable routing and design services

    Headshots for Fugro.com

    Romain Clavaud

    Regional lead Middle East & India - Power cable routing and design services

    Shalu Shajahan

    Shalu Shajahan

    Regional lead Asia Pacific - Power cable routing and design services

    Engineer onboard Fugro Galaxy

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