HSSE management system

Think safe, work safe, stay safe

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At Fugro, we're always working to improve our HSSE performance. That's why we have an HSSE management system in place, based on our group-wide 'Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe' approach.

Comprised of six mandatory focus areas for all levels of the organisation, our HSSE management system supports us in the following:

  • Identifying HSSE needs

  • Determining key objectives

  • Allocating resources

The HSSE Management System also drives the development, improvement, and application of a mandatory integrated management system. At both country organisation and business unit levels. This system applies to all Fugro activities.


Business partners and HSSE

We expect the same commitment to HSSE from our business partners. From associate company to joint venture, principal contractor to supplier – every company we work with should conform to similar HSSE management standards. We inform each partner of our principles, policies, and standards. And, where appropriate, we help them adopt practices consistent with our own.

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Read our policy document for full details:

Fugro HSSE Management System

Fugro’s HSSE Management System Structure

Fugro’s HSSE Management System Structure

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Good governance

We’re committed to integrity, transparency, accountability, and proper supervision.

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