Supporting the changing world

The world we live in is changing faster than ever before, driven by population growth, people moving to cities, technological developments and climate change. Fugro, together with its clients, plays a fundamental role in creating a safer and more liveable world. We will continue to work closely with our clients and partners to build programmes to further improve safety and environmental sustainability.

We believe in sustainable development as a driver to help create a safe and liveable world. This requires balancing the short- and long-term interests of our stakeholders and integrating social and environmental factors into our decision making. 

Our clients and market segments

As many of our clients operate internationally, we aim to deliver standardised services across all geographies. We are experiencing an increase in demand for solutions based on large, integrated multi-disciplinary projects and long-term framework agreements.

Revenue by market sector (%) 

market sectors
As of 2018: Figures from continuing operations (excl. Seabed)

2020 Revenue by client type (%)

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