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Counties Power uses Fugro Roames 3D technology to model electricity network

Fugro is currently delivering on a contract for electricity network owner Counties Power in New Zealand to create an accurate and dynamic virtual 3D model of their entire power network.

Brisbane, Australia
06 Mar 2020
Counties Power Roames

With vegetation around powerlines causing reliability concerns, Counties Power, which supplies electricity to more than 43,000 homes, farms and businesses, is benefitting from Fugro’s Roames solution to optimise maintenance activities and reduce the risk of downtime.

Aerial survey data (lidar and imagery) captured by Fugro earlier this year are being processed using cutting-edge machine-learning and cloud-computing to replicate a ‘digital twin’ of the distribution network. The first datasets, viewable in Roames’ online visualisation and analytics environment, will be delivered this month ready for Counties Power to execute detailed engineering and vegetation clearance analysis.

As part of the project, Fugro will also perform an image-based condition assessment of the pole tops in selected high-outage areas, such as those exposed to extreme winds and salt. High-resolution imagery of the poles will be captured from helicopter-mounted cameras and combined with automated data analytics through Fugro’s Roames World cloud-based platform. Images will be analysed by pole inspectors to quickly identify damaged or corroded components and prompt immediate action.

Nicole Wright, Fugro’s Global Service Line Director for Power: “We are delighted to be working with Counties Power and are confident that Fugro’s award-winning Roames solution will provide crucial network insights to improve safety, increase network reliability, and manage maintenance programmes more efficiently.”

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