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Our Fugro Roames® Virtual World Asset Management (VWAM) platform unlocks infinite opportunities for advanced asset analytics, helping you to make better asset management decisions.

Used by utility companies around the world, Fugro Roames® drives predictive maintenance and mitigation strategies, and provides insight into external factors influencing the lifetime, reliability and safety of assets, networks and the environment.

Business meeting analysing Roames interface

Fugro Roames® provides accurate Geo- and asset data for an essential understanding of the condition of your network’s poles, conductors and external influences.

Using Fugro Roames®, asset engineers and network program analysts can access and extract millions of records and asset attributes within seconds using a standard browser.

Asset performance management - make an informed decision 

  • Identify poor network design (older engineering standards, specific construction types)
  • Monitor pole lean change over time
  • Identify spans with potential sag or clashing issues
  • Track unassisted pole failures and roll out mitigation measures
  • Understand and track trends in network changes over time
Roames calculates the vertical alignment of the 3D pole and reports the maximum lean angle

Fugro Roames® calculates the vertical alignment of the 3D pole and reports the maximum lean angle.

Asset geo-database - know what's driving network change

  • Understand the changing natural environment in the powerline corridor and the potential impact of storms and climate change
  • Combine 3D geospatial data with detailed connectivity models to understand the impact of factors such as energy transition and electric vehicles
  • Track metadata for pole-mounted equipment to identify poles with third-party assets – and charge for inspections
  • Determine high-risk areas, such as sports fields, playgrounds and urban areas, to help inform design and works management decisions

Fugro Roames® World tool highlighting sports fields to ensure that risks associated with these areas can be mitigated


The Fugro advantage

By using Fugro Roames® technology for asset insights and analytics, you can:

  • Reduce and optimise your expenditure on asset maintenance and vegetation management
  • Lower your system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) and system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI) times and safety risks by identifying potential defects
  • Improve your business’s ability to report and monitor your network and assess risk
  • More accurately inform short- and long-term strategic asset management planning through a deeper understanding of your network

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