3D simulation of real world environments to monitor your network’s condition and optimise performance.
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Network-wide condition assessment and accurate asset intelligence are fundamental to achieve informed decision-making, better risk management, and optimal use of available resources. Our Roames service combines innovative mapping techniques with cutting-edge data processing and cloud computing capabilities to deliver an accurate and dynamic 3D virtual model of power company assets.


“Roames system offers a cutting-edge solution to many of the challenges of managing the company’s transmission and distribution system. This innovative technology will benefit customers and has the potential for broad application within and beyond the electric power industry.”

Thomas Kuhn - President at EEI

Roames presents an opportunity to completely transform how we understand and manage factors impacting our network, with the potential for significant financial savings and improved service to customers.

Geoff Murphy - Technology Development Manager at Scottish Power

The Roames Platform

Our Roames platform provides visualisation, reporting and analysis capabilities through a 3D real world environment. Data can be uploaded, embedded and securely shared. Mobile devices and applications connect and allow functional interaction with this virtual world.

3D virtual world

The Roames platform is a complete and accurate real-world 3D reconstruction of landscape, buildings, infrastructure and vegetation.

Open platform

The platform can be shared with all infrastructure owners and agencies, creating a resilient, sustainable community and a collaborative approach to asset management.

Mobile platform

Mobile apps enable field crews, contractors and the general public to take photographs and source information to report faults or life threatening situations.


Roames enabled applications allow you to virtually interact and work on your infrastructure.


For continued business excellence, Roames invests in development to improve functionality and services.


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