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Fugro OnSight® is an information management solution that provides valuable insights into the condition of your plant assets. It creates an intelligent 3D plant model that acts as a ‘digital twin’ and single point of truth using secure, open standards, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

This solution allows you to improve the operational efficiency of your plant assets, reduces maintenance costs through early insight to support decision-making, and helps maintain a high level of safety.


Our advanced technology captures your asset as a ‘digital twin’, which is supported by an innovative toolset and integrates open standard models to give you full control and ownership of the data with no vendor lock-in. The asset environment and data are managed and delivered via the internet without the need for plugins or additional software.

Fugro OnSight® is cloud-hosted for optimal performance, accessibility and data security; it is scalable even for very large and complex facilities. Our solution can also keep the data evergreen and support documentation departments by hosting and linking associated data.

Lower operational costs, as fewer mobilisations and demobilisations are needed
Lower risk and HSSE exposure due to fewer site visits
Simpler project management: our full in-house, end-to-end solution ensures single-supplier accountability
Time savings through use of standard open data formats, avoiding vendor lock-in while providing flexibility, simplicity and data privacy

Capture and view your plant asset data

We offer a global end-to-end solution including consultancy, data collection, 3D modelling, data enrichment and digital delivery through our proprietary Site Spot application. The system is designed to integrate existing data sources and deliver a cost-effective solution for large scale digitalisation of industrial assets.

Our OnSight® solution consists of multiple Fugro innovations including efficient 3D point-cloud capture and visualisation combined with our Site Spot suite (Plan, Manage and Manage+). 

Through our immersive 3D spatial interface, plant operators can instantly access data required by stakeholders and efficiently share it with different teams, resulting in substantial savings on annual operational budgets.

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