Responsible vessel recycling

We operate a fleet of highly specialised vessels equipped with state-of-the-art data collection spreads. We minimise their impact on the environment.

During the design, construction, and operational phases. At the end of a vessel’s lifetime, we work to have it recycled. It’s one way of contributing to a safe, liveable world.

High standards

We scrutinise every step of our vessel recycling process. We follow strict corporate vessel recycling procedures, which comply with several conventions and EU regulation 1257/2013. To illustrate, we never beach our ships at facilities that don’t meet our standards. And we only recycle our vessels at certified shipyards where we can track the recycling process. To the last scrap of metal.

Recycling a vessel in five steps

  1. We choose a certified ship recycling facility (SRF for short).

  2. After a positive audit, we contract their services using BIMCO’s RECYCLECON – an industry-standard contract for the sale of vessels for green recycling. This makes sure that the vessel won’t be resold to another party; it’s sold only to be recycled.

  3. The SRF submits an Inventory of Hazardous Materials and a Ship Recycling Facility Plan. These detail the recycling for the entire vessel. After our approval, the recycling process starts.

  4. The SRF issues weekly progress reports to keep us updated on the recycling process. They also salvage any items that can be reused on other vessels.

  5. Recycling complete! The SRF issues a final recycling report and vessel recycling certificate.

Site investigation (CPT and drilling) and monitoring
Performing CPT, drilling and monitoring of the Grimburgwal canal in Amsterdam

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