Shareholder meetings

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We have a general meeting of shareholders at least once per year, within six months after the end of the financial year.

Here’s what can be discussed and decided during these general meetings:

  • approval of decisions that would entail a significant change to the identity or character of Fugro or its business

  • appointment and dismissal of members of the Board of Management and of the Supervisory Board

  • adoption of the remuneration policies of the Board of Management and of the Supervisory Board

  • adoption of the annual financial statements

  • authorisation to repurchase or cancellation of shares, to issue shares (or to grant rights to subscribe for shares) and to restrict or exclude pre-emptive rights in respect of shares

  • and approval of decisions to amend the articles of association or to dissolve Fugro

Then there are extraordinary general meetings. These are arranged as often as the Supervisory Board or the Board of Management thinks is necessary.

As per 2024, Fugro’s shareholder meetings are conducted in the English language and documentation will be published in the English language only. Through simultaneous translation, the meeting can also be followed in the Dutch language. There shall be no live webcast available.

Vanaf 2024 zullen aandeelhoudersvergaderingen worden gehouden in de Engelse taal. Via simultaan vertaling kan de vergadering ook worden gevolgd in het Nederlands. Er is geen live webcast beschikbaar.

Annual general meeting 2024

Below are the documents relating to the upcoming shareholder meeting, the annual general meeting in April 2024. For previous meetings, please check our Publications centre.


Annual report 2023


AGM 2024 - Total outstanding share capital and voting rights as per notice date and record date


AGM 2024 - Notice and information (English only)


AGM 2024 - Agenda and explanatory notes (English only)


AGM 2024 – Remuneration policy Board of Management as per 2024


AGM 2024 - Proxy shareholders

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