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Marine environmental services

Fugro’s comprehensive marine environmental services integrate consultancy with ecological surveys and laboratory testing. Focused on coastal, marine and estuarine environments, these services support infrastructure planning, consenting and development, environmental protection and resource management.

For a complete project management solution we provide a combination of marine planning, project management, data acquisition, survey, analysis and consultancy services. These capabilities are also available individually.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Expert marine environmental advice and support is critical to the development of any offshore project and dedicated research is required to perform assessments of potential environmental impacts on marine habitats. 

With active cooperation between our specialists, we integrate our services and enable you to realise cost savings throughout your project. We work closely with other stakeholders to ensure that the project lifecycle is a positive experience for every party involved. 

We aim for excellence and continually seek to improve our service; we do this through innovation, by integrating new technological advances and challenging processes and ideas. With dedicated specialists and ongoing research programmes, we manage challenging projects and provide expert advice. 

Employing staff with in-depth knowledge of diverse market sectors, including renewable energy, oil and gas, aggregates, ports and harbours, cables and pipelines, leisure, the public sector and water industries, we provide marine environmental services that include:

Our multidisciplinary marine consultants and environmental specialists provide consultancy on a wide range of topics including:

  • Marine consenting
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA) and appraisals
  • Zonal and regional assessments
  • Habitat regulations appraisal (HRA) and appropriate assessments
  • Environmental policy and legislation
  • Characterisation and feasibility studies, desktop studies, site selection and appraisal
  • Management plans (construction, environmental, spill mitigation)
  • Licensing
  • Marine ecology
  • Marine geology
  • Physical processes
  • Water quality
  • Fisheries
  • Environmental management
  • Geographical information systems

As a leading provider in offshore and coastal marine ecological survey and analysis we provide a range of services including:

  • Subtidal benthic sampling
  • Intertidal and terrestrial survey
  • Seabed video and imaging
  • Habitat/biotope mapping
  • Protected habitat surveys
  • Fish and shellfish ecology
  • Deepwater ecology surveys
  • Post-drill and decommissioning surveys
  • Marine mammal and seabirds
  • Desk-studies to characterise development area and inform survey design
  • Data acquisition and monitoring to generate pre-, during and post-construction data
  • Ornithological survey
  • Visual marine mammal survey
  • Passive acoustic marine mammal survey
  • Marine mammal protection plans
  • Data storage and management, data analysis and interpretation, environmental statements (ES) and environmental impact assessment (EIA)

Specialist capabilities at our environmental laboratories include:

  • Chemistry analytical services
  • Macrobenthic taxonomy
  • Sediment tracer studies
  • Sediment analysis
  • Microbiology analysis
  • Microbiological tracer studies 
  • Oil spill forensic services
  • Water and sediment quality

Our GIS capabilities include:

  • Site selection, feasibility studies and risk mapping
  • Spatial analysis and interpretation
  • Mapping and charting
  • Spatial data management
  • Interactive GIS
  • Data management

Fugro’s expert marine environmental services support all offshore projects and marine developments.

Port and Harbour Development

Our consultancy and survey services support at all stages of your port and harbour projects from feasibility and consenting to construction. This includes site selection, screening and scoping reports, EIA and ES and the development of construction management plans (CEMP). 

Intertidal and subtidal habitat mapping, diver surveys and grab sampling analysis, environmental assessment and conservation reviews are amongst the specialist surveys that are supplemented by dedicated environmental laboratories providing quality analysis.  

Assuring you of a smooth-running process, we highlight and mitigate potential issues throughout the project lifecycle and, when required, liaise with local and international regulators to mitigate any perceived or identified concerns.

Offshore Oil and Gas Installations

Fugro supports all aspects of environmental operations and maintenance for exploration, development, monitoring and decommissioning of pipelines and platforms. Prerequisite site characterisation, habitat and environmental baseline assessments and PON assessments are typically integrated with other Fugro services. Our ecological monitoring and decommissioning surveys include grab sampling, drop down video, still analysis, biotope/habitat mapping, oil spill contingency planning, finger printing, research projects, advice and advanced GIS tools.


We support pipeline installation with professional feasibility studies, route selection, pipeline freespan investigations and pipeline monitoring surveys. Integrating environmental, geophysical, geotechnical and oceanographic services, our consultancy and survey teams provide pre-construction monitoring and interpretation of existing pipelines.

Cable Routes

From the beginning of a cable route project we assist you with site feasibility and selection of the optimum route. Our support continues throughout the project lifecycle during which we collate all available data to identify future regulatory requirements and advise you on meeting them. Our comprehensive and fully integrated survey package includes environmental, oceanographic, geophysical and geotechnical support, from offshore to onshore, including land fall. 

Post construction support includes specialist support for scour monitoring, depth of burial and habitat recovery.

Offshore Wind Development

As a leading specialist in the offshore renewable energy market, Fugro provides expert knowledge of offshore elements, cable routes, nearshore and intertidal areas to assist you throughout the lifecycle of a wind farm development. Our site selection tools can highlight constraints and project feasibility from the outset, taking you through the entire consenting process, including pre-construction survey operations, support and subsequent monitoring phases. 

Our unique and valuable tools, along with dedicated consultancy teams are complimented by other specialist Fugro services including environmental, oceanographic, geophysical, geotechnical, survey operations and reporting.

Wave and Tidal Power Development

Our expertise in renewable energy also extends to wave and tidal power developments where we apply relativity to the size and dynamic nature of these environments. Early involvement in this technology has enabled us to understanding both client and regulatory requirements, saving all parties time, money and frustration. Our support covers all aspects of consultancy and survey with specialist tools and services designed to overcome many of the specific obstacles in these developments. These include GIS tools, data management, novel survey techniques and integrated reporting and project management.


With a longstanding involvement in the aggregate industry we have a thorough understanding of EIA procedures and feasibility mapping, from constraints to extraction. This enables us to produce focused environmental statements and develop innovative impact assessment techniques. We support dredging activities through pre-dredge baseline surveys, monitoring surveys, multibeam bathymetry, sidescan sonar, seismic, vibrocore, benthic, drop down video and scientific trawl data collection and subsequent processing and reporting. We also undertake specialist reviews of data, such as conservation reviews for protected species or key stone species.

Coastal Engineering

Fugro supports you in the development, monitoring and maintenance of coastal engineering projects such as residential and industrial developments, recreational, land reclamation and water utilities. Working closely with engineering and construction firms, we provide technical support at all stages, from feasibility to consenting and construction. This includes site selection, screening and scoping reports, EIA and ES and the development of construction management plans (CEMP). 

Following the consent process, we provide marine environmental surveys including intertidal and subtidal habitat mapping, diver surveys and grab sampling analysis, assessment and advisory services (such as environmental assessment and conservation reviews). These services include high quality analysis produced by our dedicated environmental laboratories. 

Ensuring that all processes run smoothly, we highlight and mitigate potential issues during the life of your project; when required we liaise with local and international regulators to mitigate any perceived or identified concerns.

Offshore Carbon Capture

Fugro is leading research and development in offshore carbon capture to develop new technologies and monitoring services. Working closely with industry partners and government bodies our objective is to develop cost-effective ways of promoting the growth of this new green industry.

Consistent delivery of high quality marine environmental services is paramount and we aim to achieve this through: 

  • Successful integration of marine environmental consultancy, ecological surveys and laboratory testing expertise
  • Experienced personnel with in-depth knowledge of renewables, oil and gas, aggregates, ports and harbours, cables and pipelines, leisure, public sector and water industries
  • Diverse capabilities available individually or as a comprehensive tailored solution
  • Excellent quality and health, safety and environmental standards, underpinned by BSI accreditations
  • Innovation, challenging processes and ideas, integrating new technological advance
  • Realisation of cost savings by liaising with regulators, reviewing project goals and providing expert advice throughout

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