Offshore geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering design solutions for problems associated with onshore and nearshore projects including foundations, excavations, embankments and ground improvement.

Marine exploration activities

We support marine exploration with advice on planning and executing geophysical and geochemical surveys and expert data interpretation.

Geohazard studies

Our complete geohazard assessment service covers hazard identification, risk assessment, analysis, solution engineering and management.

GIS and data management

We have considerable experience in designing, building and managing spatial data using a fully-formatted map-based GIS front end to intuitively access, interrogate and analyse all data associated with a development project.

Mining exploration activities

Our specialist services involve a range of geotechnical, environmental, hydrological, geological and survey disciplines. They support every stage of a mine development, from reconnaissance and exploration, through construction and operations, to eventual closure and decommissioning.

Support during construction and installation

Involving our professionals during construction and installation of geotechnical elements allows you to make informed decisions to facilitate cost-effective construction.

Advanced numerical analysis

We analyse geotechnical problems using a wide range of advanced modelling tools. In assessing design aspects such as foundation behaviour and pipe-soil interaction, we use 2D and 3D finite difference or finite element approaches for plasticity limit calculations.

Earthquake engineering

Our extensive knowledge and experience in geotechnical earthquake engineering, together with our advanced numerical modelling services, enable us to address complex challenges in seismically active areas.

Land geotechnical engineering

A wide range of engineering services means that we can respond professionally to your geotechnical engineering requirements, both onshore and nearshore.

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