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navigating biodiversity in offshore wind

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27 Nov 2023

Across the ocean there is an intricate relationship between human activity and marine biodiversity. The energy transition means a huge increase in the number of offshore wind turbines. As our oceans become increasingly intertwined with human activities, marine life faces an evolving challenge.

Extensive monitoring of biodiversity takes place during the pre-construction and construction phase, but during a wind farm's decades long life, regular monitoring across a huge area of ocean becomes difficult. However, through the development of cutting-edge technologies such as USVs and ROVs, and AI for monitoring environmental DNA (eDNA), there is a chance for more extensive monitoring to take place and for us to get a better understanding of our impact on marine life.

Offshore wind may have a positive impact on biodiversity. Offshore wind farms have in some cases become structures that attract marine life. However, getting a better understanding of the long-term impact of offshore wind on marine biodiversity is crucial to both improve our design and protect all marine life.


  • Tim Stiven, Marine Senior Development Manager, The Crown Estate

  • Dan Smith, Solution Owner Offshore Wind Site Appraisal, Fugro

  • Paul English, Technical Director, Marine GeoConsulting, Fugro

  • Angela Martinez Quintana, Senior Environmental Scientist, Fugro


This episode was produced in partnership with Engineering Matters.

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