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The resilience mindset

Planet Beyond Episode 24 The resilience mindset
Guest: Peter Power, Resilience Association

We live in a world of unparalleled complexity and risk. The structure of our societies, rests upon a stack of services—utilities, communications, banking, transport, among others—that themselves rely on a mix of public services and private businesses, both large and small. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. All face threats from bad actors, and from natural disasters, often driven by climate change.

In this episode, Peter Power from the Resilience Association joins Jon Baston-Pitt to explain how a ‘resilience mindset’ can help organisations of all kinds overcome catastrophe. Smaller businesses are often more agile, but lack a depth of resources, whereas larger organisations may have the resources, but have a hierarchical structure that can reduce their flexibility. And the public sector, rightly, takes a conservative approach to risk, which can lead to slower responses in a time of crisis.

Developing a resilience mindset can give organisations the ability to respond to catastrophe. But it can also bring a new attitude to risk, and making defensible decisions, which can strengthen organisation's overall performance. With a long career in the police and public service, and a prominent role supporting and advising governments as they respond to disasters and develop resilience policies, there are few who can match Peter’s insight.


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