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Soft Skills for Science

Helen Stewart: Soft Skills for Science


17 Aug 2023

Helen Stewart is a hydrographer in the coastal resilience and ocean science division at Fugro. In this shortcast we talk about her recent keynote for the International Hydrographic Review which focuses on the importance of soft skills when working in a scientific field.

Developing these skills isn’t something that always came easily to Helen but she has been able to learn them and improve at them over her 20 year career that has spanned the globe and she highlights some ways for everyone to improve their soft skills.

Beyond developing skills for a career in science, Helen shows the value in developing a strong work life balance. While having perseverance is a great asset, sometimes putting it aside to relax and unwind, is best for achieving a long successful career.


Jon Baston-Pitt


Helen Stewart, Hydrographer, Fugro

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