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David Tindall – From rocks to innovation

David Tindall with Deep Drive in the background


16 Nov 2023

How does experience in the field inform product innovation? David Tindall trained as a geologist, before working as a cone penetration testing (CPT) truck operator. After years travelling the world, he took up a role as Global Product Owner, Geotechnical Equipment, at Fugro. In this role, he leads innovation in many of the key land-based technologies used by the company.

Now working in the office, David and his team have led the transfer of automation technology developed for the offshore world, to the company’s land-based CPT trucks. By pushing CPT rods automatically, the systems they have developed keep operators out of harm’s way and speed up the truck’s operations.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


David Tindall, Global Product Owner, Geotechnical Equipment, Fugro

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