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Cutting carbon at sea

Blue Essence undertaking remote inspection of Aberdeen Wind Farm


01 Dec 2023

As we travel through the energy transition, we must rapidly develop new forms of propulsion that reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. This has been a key driver of research and development at vessel builder SEA-KIT International.

Jon Baston-Pitt first spoke to SEA-KIT CEO Ben Simpson almost two years ago, for Episode 16 of the Planet Beyond podcast. In this episode, Simpson is joined by naval architect Chloe Fisher and Fugro’s Director Blue Robotics, Henk van Dalen, to discuss the latest developments in maritime propulsion.

SEA-KIT has recently been working with the Port of London to develop new hydrogen fuel cell-powered vessels, and the fueling infrastructure they will require. In this episode, we look at the potential use of hydrogen at sea, and at the increased use of uncrewed surface vessels and electric powered remotely operated vehicles, which both cut energy requirements and carbon emissions.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


  • Ben Simpson, CEO and Founder, SEA-KIT International

  • Chloe Fisher, Naval Architect, SEA-KIT International

  • Henk van Dalen, Director Blue Robotics, Fugro

Fugro Orca / Blue Essence / Taqa project / North Sea / 3 March 2022
Fugro Blue Essence USV and Blue Volta eROV in the North Sea

The future is remote and autonomous

Remote and autonomous technologies are the future of marine operations and at the forefront of our vision. We are continuously developing and scaling up our growing fleet of advanced technologies to deliver safe, sustainable and reliable solutions for your offshore projects.

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