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The changing role of the CFO

Barbara Geelen Planet Beyond episode


25 Jan 2024

We live in a fast changing world, with impacts on how we all work. That’s as true for those in finance and leadership, as it is for anyone. In this episode we sit down with Fugro CFO Barbara Geelen to explore how changes in society, and the evolving crisis of climate change, are reshaping leadership roles.

Today, a good CFO must have as deep an understanding of climate change, as they do of profitability. They must manage a flood of data, using tools like AI, to gain new insights into traditional concepts of risk and opportunity. And they must engage, as much as they must negotiate.

It’s a far more complex role. Barbara’s career has taken her from a small village in the Netherlands, via an Australian outback sheep farm, to lead some of the world’s most complex business restructurings. Today, she works closely with Fugro’s board and staff to identify the company’s most promising innovations, as it leads the way on the road to net zero.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


Barbara Geelen, CFO, Fugro

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