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Michael Neuhaus - A career in listening

Planet Beyond podcast Michael Neuhaus


15 Feb 2024

How can business development professionals help customers find solutions they may not even know they need? That has been Michael Neuhaus’s mission, in a career at Fugro spanning three decades.

Every sales professional needs a compelling product to offer customers. That was what Neuhaus had, as he started his career, with Fugro’s pioneering cone penetration testing technology. He could tell customers about the product’s safety and efficiency benefits. But he also had to listen.

It is this, Neuhaus tells Jon Baston-Pitt, that led to a transformation in his role, from sales to business development. By taking the time to listen to customers’ needs, and to develop long lasting relationships, he has been able to help them find innovative solutions for their business needs.

Neuhaus provides insights on his transition to a global business development role, emphasising the importance of active listening, client collaboration, and the dedication needed for successful, long-term relationships.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


Michael Neuhaus, Senior Business Development Professional, Fugro

Peter Brooke, Regional Director, Strategic Sales And Marketing, Europe and Africa, Fugro

Mark Richardson, Land Business Director, Great Britain, Fugro

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