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Femke De Jager - On failing better

Femke de Jager_ Innovation lead EUAF


14 Mar 2024

How do we innovate? Often, says Femke De Jager, by failing. The keys to success are resilience and persistence. It’s all about trying things out, sometimes failing, but always learning. Throughout her career, Femke has focussed on developing new ways of managing and maintaining assets, at world leading companies including PwC and ConQuaestor, DSM and Stork, and now Fugro.

She believes that innovation will be vital to addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.

Femke delights in the process of innovation, of bringing a team together to build something better. In this shortcast, she shares her approach with Jon Baston-Pitt.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


Femke De Jager, Innovation Director for Europe, Fugro

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