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Fugro Pegasus in Mirfa Port, Abu Dhabi

Why invest

We are the world’s leading Geo-data specialist. Over the past years, we have transitioned into a resilient, highly diversified company with significantly improved results. We have created a solid foundation for future growth and we are ready to capture the exciting opportunities in our markets. The increasing need for Geo-data insights in the energy, infrastructure and water markets leads to significant opportunities. We are well positioned to take advantage of the energy transition, massive infrastructure investments and climate change adaptation. With a market cap of EUR 1.8 billion (November 2023), we are listed on Euronext Amsterdam, and included in the Dutch midcap index AMX.

RILA system mounted on a service train in the Netherlands
RILA system mounted on a service train in the Netherlands


Global Geo-data leader taking advantage of the energy transition, massive infrastructure investments and urgently needed climate change adaptation

Global developments, such as population growth, urbanisation and global warming, are driving big societal challenges. We turn data on (sub)surface conditions into practical insights for our clients. We take advantage of the energy transition, massive infrastructure investments and urgently needed climate change adaptation. With our market leading positions, we are #1 or #2 in all the key services that we provide.

Our bespoke structural monitoring solutions also enable real-time and continuous integrity monitoring of assets to provide early indications of fatigue or element failure. Our Geo-data expertise allow the integration of all available data from site investigation to asset inspection and monitoring, into a 3D digital twin of your wind farm. This enables condition based and preventative maintenance systems to be implemented.


Unique value proposition for clients: offering project critical Geo-data insights from digital twins of Earth with map, model and monitor solutions  

We have been supporting clients across the globe for over six decades by offering project critical Geo-data insights from digital twins of Earth with map, model and monitor solutions. These solutions allow for safe and efficient design, construction and maintenance of assets. They also give insights into the natural environment, in line with our purpose to help create a safe and liveable world.

Laboratory testing in the Singapore geotechnical laboratory. Checking of Resonant Column


Highly skilled people and market-agnostic assets are key competitive differentiators

These are key competitive differentiators. Our success is determined by the strength of our 10,000 employees from over 100 nationalities. Their skills, experience and specialist knowledge are key for our ability to offer the best quality of work and services. And we are able to seamlessly deploy the same vessels, people and solutions across multiple markets, which makes us very flexible.

WaveWalker jack-up barge offshore Great Yarmouth working on offshore wind turbine maintenance


Resilient company with highly diversified markets and client base

We have become a resilient organisation with a diversified market exposure by capitalising on the strong demand for our offshore wind solutions. Our results have strongly improved, and we have strengthened our balance sheet. And we have a highly diversified, long-standing client base. Only around 15 clients represent 1% or more of total revenues each. We serve various client groups, such as energy companies, governments, construction & installation contractors and design & engineering companies.

Fugro Pegasus in Mirfa Port, Abu Dhabi


Innovative, scalable technology and digitalisation drive advanced, best-in-class operations

We are leveraging technology developments in the field of robotics, remote operations, analytics and digital delivery, to offer safer, faster, more efficient and higher quality services to our clients. With lightly-crewed and uncrewed vessels, more modular assets and sensors, we support our customers in their own digitalisation evolution. We provide real-time insights via client portals and digital twins of assets.

The naming ceremony for the Fugro Quest


Efficient asset management model with disciplined capital allocation and clear strategy towards low carbon solutions

We generate around 40% of revenue with asset-light businesses and around 60% from more asset-intensive business. For the latter we will continue to invest in a lower emission fleet with sufficient capacity for future demand. Our capital allocation framework is based on 3 principles: invest for sustainable growth, maintain a strong balance sheet, and provide attractive returns to our shareholders.

Employees working in the ROC in Perth


Value creation strategy focused on growth and shareholder returns

There is a growing need for Geo-data insights in the world and as market leader we are well positioned to benefit from this and create value for all stakeholders. We will make balanced and considered investments in the current and future businesses to achieve our strategic objectives. We also target attractive stakeholders and intend to pay annual dividend with a pay-out policy of 25-45% of net result.

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3D laser scanning at a water pumping station, Terwisscha, The Netherlands.

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