Key financials

Employees in Aberdeen remote operations centre


X eur million from continuing operations unless otherwise indicated20222021202020192018
Revenue1,766.01,461.71,386.3 1,631.31,552.8
Comparable growth*14.8%5.8% (12.4%) 2.7% 18.3%
Adjusted EBITDA**230.4175.6 162.0184.9120.4
Adjusted EBIT**107.663.
Adjusted EBIT**margin 6.1% 4.3% 3.5% 4.2% 1.9%
Net result from continuing operations***74,12759.6(74.0)(39.6)(38.9)
Free cash flow23.939.588.458.3(21.2)
Capital expenditures 123.179.781.283.161.3
Cash and cash equivalents 209.1149.0183.5 201.1227.1
Capital employed 1,104.81,006.9874.81,110.41,207.9
Net leverage****

Social and environmental

People, Diversity, Talent Management20222021202020192018
Number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees (at year-end) 940189769025985610045
Number of employees (headcount) 9851931794711034310293
Gender diversity
- Female 22% 22%21%21%20%
- Male 78%78%79%79%80%
Gender diversity senior management**
- Female19%15%NANANA
- Male81%86%NANANA
Environmental performance
Vessel CO2 emission intensity (tonnes per operational day) - Owned and chartered vessels 13.814.915.815.416.4
Greenhouse gas emissions scope 1&2 (ktCO₂e) 217224220255NA

* Continuing operations only, unless stated otherwise.

** The scope of this KPI includes a wider group of functions than reported in previous years. This change was made in conjunction with the 2022 introduction of the sustainability-linked financing framework.

*** The CO2 emission intensity for 2018, 2019 and 2020, as well as the absolute vessel emissions 2019 have been restated. Refer to Sustainability reporting principles for more information.

NA = not available

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