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    In some ways, offshore assets are like cars. To make sure they’re running safely and efficiently, they need regular inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM). Through inspection, we find faults and defects before they become a problem. This prevents the need for costly major repairs. Or even costlier replacements. Whatever your challenge or concerns may be, we tailor our methods to your project. We believe that’s the best way of protecting and fixing your assets. And it’s the best way of saving you time and money in the long run.

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    Daniel Jones

    Global lead - Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance

    Blue Essence 12m USV (Fugro Maali) , in port after performing a nearshore Inspection of Woodside�s three gas trunklines on the North West Shelf of Australia

    Case study

    Our first remote USV inspection

    The 12-metre long Fugro Maali is our first operational Blue Essence™ uncrewed surface vehicle. For its maiden voyage, we used it to complete an entirely remote nearshore inspection of three gas trunk lines in Australia. No traditional inspection vessels required – our uncrewed vehicle not only got the job done, but it did so with less personnel HSE risk and carbon emissions.

    Case study

    Ultra high resolution pipeline inspection

    Fugro worked with BP to develop and design an acoustic method of pipeline inspection (PINS) that dramatically reduces the time taken to carry out pipeline inspection. Deployment produces improved information and novel deliverables to assist pipeline engineers in pipeline integrity assurance.

    Case study

    Restraint solution stops flowlines slipping down continental shelf

    Since their installation more than a decade ago, two flowlines carrying natural gas in Australia had been gradually slipping down the slope of the continental shelf. We used our Geo-data insights to design a complex flowline restraint system that secured the flowlines for our client.

    Case study

    Pipeline inspection keeps energy flowing at Shell St Fergus

    Fugro delivered an integrated inspection solution for the pipelines running into the Shell St Fergus gas plant, which is located north of Aberdeen, Scotland. These pipelines supply the UK with around 20 % of its natural gas needs.T

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    Billy Gardner

    Regional lead Americas - Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance

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    Stig Adolfsen

    Regional lead Asia Pacific - Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance

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    Hannes Swiegers

    Regional lead Middle East & India - Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance

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    Daniel Jones

    Regional lead Europe & Africa - Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance

    Paul Ensell and Stuart O'Brien on remote operations simulator desk

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