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    Fugro AtomiChron® is a global, real-time, precise clock synchronisation and authentication service based on GNSS, for applications that require resilient, accurate and reliable time and frequency. This innovative technology eliminates time drift caused by clocks counting time at slightly different rates and gives users access to extreme frequency stability as well as extreme accurate time references, with levels that surpass high-calibre industrial standard caesium clocks and approaching hydrogen maser performance.

    Atomichron - Roel de Vries

    Roel de Vries

    Business Developer AtomiChron®



    High uptime and reliability

    Operates independently from the ground network, GNSS and geostationary satellites


    Lightweight and scalable

    Cost efficient and removes need for atomic clocks


    Traceable time

    Suitable for audit trails when required in regulated environments


    Affordable solution

    For any campaigns that need a high accuracy reference

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    Navigation message authentication

    Navigation messages are signed and signatures broadcasted and protected by an encrypted digital signature, adding a layer of security that allows you to trust your time.

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    Accurate time synchronisation

    Leveraging our network of ground stations, correction values are sent directly to the end-user's device to improve performance over standard GNSS reception.

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    Proprietary global reference network

    Our network uses four GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo), two network control centres and more than eighty geodetic reference receivers which are distributed over all continents and guarantee independent processing of high-quality data and services.

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    High availability and redundancy

    With dual primary network control centres and dual shadow control centres that are all interconnected via trunk lines, we have a proven uptime of over 99.999% in the last 12 months to ensure you have continuous operation.

    Key specifications

    • Timing accuracy: <5 ns UTC (95% of the time)

    • Accuracy: <1 ns to Fugro AtomiChron® timescale (independent of world-wide location

    • Performance improvement: >10x better than existing high-end GNSS receivers.

    • NMA status: per satellite status for all 4 GNSS constellations concurrently.

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    Atomichron - Roel de Vries

    Roel de Vries

    Business Developer AtomiChron®



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    Performance of Real-Time PPP for UTC(k) time transfer


    Validation of a Combined GNSS Correction and NMA L-Band Service Against Spoofing

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