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the challenge of time synchronisation

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26 Mar 2024

Timekeeping has been a pursuit fraught with challenges throughout history. From ancient sundials to mechanical clocks, humanity has continuously sought methods to measure time with greater accuracy. Technology has given us new ways to measure time, but also demands more accurate synchronisation.

Time synchronisation stands as a linchpin in modern technology, ensuring coherence and accuracy across systems and applications. From financial transactions to global communication networks, synchronised time is indispensable. The advent of global communication networks and the need for precise coordination across vast distances amplified the importance of accurate timekeeping.

When GPS timekeeping emerged it was immensely valuable. However it was not without its challenges. One notable issue is the vulnerability to signal interference or jamming, which can disrupt the transmission of timing signals from satellites to receivers. This interference can result from both natural phenomena, such as solar flares, and intentional malicious activities.

Amidst these challenges, Fugro's AtomiChron® emerges as a revolutionary solution, representing a leap in timekeeping precision. By harnessing the inherent stability of atomic physics, AtomiChron® offers unparalleled accuracy, surpassing the limitations of traditional clock mechanisms. In a world where nanoseconds can make a difference, AtomiChron® stands as a testament to humanity's relentless pursuit of precision.


  • Roel de Vris, Business Developer, Fugro

  • Ahmad Byagowi, Research Scientist, Meta & Project Lead, Time Appliance Project

  • Harold Hauglin, Head of Timekeeping, Justervesenet

  • Heiko Gerstung, Managing Director, Meinberg


This episode was produced in partnership with Engineering Matters.

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