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Employee in Singapore Satellite laboratory reviewing satellite positioning data
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Life as we know it wouldn’t be the same without satellites. They can collect more data than any equipment on the ground. And much faster, too. At Fugro, we readily tap into the potential of our global network of reference stations, monitoring satellite signals and correcting their accuracy. Why? So we can provide you with precise, reliable, and real-time insights about your project site. Everything you need to support precise positioning and safe navigation.

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Tore Hilde

Global lead - Satellite positioning

Key figures

cm accuracy

provided by our high quality positioning solutions

GNSS reference stations

which we use to measure precise distances of satellite constellations

years of experience

and continuous research under our belt

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20 Jan 2022


Fast and reliable multi-GNSS precise point positioning with integer ambiguity resolution

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Headshots of experts for

Tore Hilde

Global lead - Satellite positioning

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Neil Bissoon

Regional lead Americas - Satellite positioning

Mark Hardman

Mark Hardman

Regional lead Asia Pacific - Satellite positioning

Anders Haneborg

Anders Haneborg

Regional lead Europe & Africa - Satellite positioning

Engineer onboard Fugro Galaxy

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