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Installation of 800 injection wells for Denmark remediation project
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    Worried about contamination? Or facing other environmental challenges? Committed to sustainability, we’re here to help. We apply state-of-the-art methods and technologies to assess your site. We check the level of contamination using reliable, high-resolution 3D site characterisation. Plus remediation services to help clean up the environment. But that’s not all – our wide range of environmental services includes consultancy, ecological surveys, laboratory testing, infrastructure planning support, environmental protection, and water resource management. Offshore and onshore.

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    Eugeniu Martac

    Global lead Environmental services and remediation



    Reduced exposure to harmful substances

    Our low-invasive site characterisation methods are minimising health and safety exposure during the investigation phase


    Fast decision making

    Fast and informed decision making, based on our reliable real-time detection systems


    Reliable data insights

    Significantly lower environmental risk for land (re)development projects, based on high-resolution subsurface data


    Proven return of investment (ROI)

    Investing early in site characterisation will significantly reduce costs in the remediation and active construction phase of the project

    Key metrics


    m high resolution data per unit per day


    environmental characterisation/remediation projects per year


    years of successful experience in the environmental market

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    Long read

    Reinventing land development with advanced sensor technologies

    Before committing to developing – or redeveloping – a piece of land, it’s important to know exactly what lies beneath the surface. Modern investigation technologies accurately reveal hidden substructures. This knowledge lets developers optimise their remediation strategy.

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    Headshot image of Eugeniu Martac

    Eugeniu Martac

    Global lead Environmental services and remediation

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    Kathrin Brinschwitz

    Regional lead Europe & Africa - Environmental services and remediation

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    Reducing ground uncertainty with the

    Geo-Risk Management Framework

    Our Geo-Risk Management Framework (GRMF) provides you with flexible solutions and value according to your business needs and requirements.

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