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Fugro completes first remote USV inspection for Woodside

Offshore North West Shelf, Western Australia

Blue Essence 12m USV (Fugro Maali) , in port after performing a nearshore Inspection of Woodside�s three gas trunklines on the North West Shelf of Australia


Woodside Energy Limited

Project duration

April 2021 - May 2021

Fugro has used their first operational Blue Essence® uncrewed surface vehicle (USV), the 12 m Fugro Maali, to complete an entirely remote nearshore inspection of three gas trunklines in the North West of Australia for Woodside’s North West Shelf Project.

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Fugro Orca / Blue Essence / Taqa project / North Sea / 3 March 2022
Fugro Blue Essence USV and Blue Volta eROV in the North Sea

Blue Essence®

12 metre uncrewed surface vessel fleet for inspection, construction support and seabed mapping

Blue Essence®

The Blue Essence® 12 metre uncrewed surface vessel equipped with Fugro's state-of-the-art Blue Volta® electric powered remotely operated vehicle, delivers enhanced inspection and light intervention of your assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

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Covered by USV


nautical miles


To complete an inspection project entirely remotely, without the use of traditional large inspection vessel. To reduce personnel HSE risk and reduce carbon emissions.


The USV remote inspection, the first to be completed by the new USV, comprised a multibeam survey, visual inspection and cathodic protection assessment of the gas trucklines to comply with Woodside and regulatory requirements. Fitted with an electric remotely operated vehicle (eROV), the USV mobilised at the end of April and was controlled from the Woodside-operated King Bay Supply Facility and Fugro's Remote Operations Centre in Perth, approximately 1500 km south of the Woodside trunklines. During the one-month project, Fugro’s remote operations team navigated approximately 1300 nautical miles in the surrounds of Dampier Port, one of the busiest resource ports in Australia, without incident and consuming a total of only 3300 litres of diesel, reducing CO2 emissions by 97% compared to a traditional vessel. Fugro's bespoke remote operations and robotic control architecture allowed the USV and eROV to be operated over large distances with minimal latency and high reliability, ensuring the USV operators maintained control of the vehicles in real time, just as if they were controlling them from a conventional vessel bridge

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Top view of USV

Innovative highlight

Blue Essence® USV and eROV was used to carry out the inspection work in place of a traditional larger inspection vessel. Reduction of 97% in CO2 emissions due to reduced fuel usage and removal of up to 30 personnel from offshore roles – reduced HSE risk.


  • Improved safety (reduced offshore staff hours)

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Long term cost reductions

  • Improved opportunities for more diverse workforce

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Fugro and Woodside USV Inspection Project Team.

Blue Essence undertaking remote inspection of Aberdeen Wind Farm

The future is remote and autonomous

Remote and autonomous technologies are the future of marine operations and at the forefront of our vision. We are continuously developing and scaling up our growing fleet of advanced technologies to deliver safe, sustainable and reliable solutions for your offshore projects.

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